New Year Special! Book tonight before mi

New Year Special! Book tonight before midnight and receive 50% off all sessions!


Social Media Deals…

So it looks like I will be running Groupon and/or Living Social deals just in time for the new year. Now some businesses are anti-social media deals because of the profit cut. Yes, your profit is lower on whatever service or product you post on these sites. However, if it brings you even 5 new clients – who may potentially do thousands of dollars in business with you during their lifetime – isn’t that worth it?

Short answer, in my opinion… YES!

Which is why I will be running portrait, engagement, and wedding deals in the next few weeks.


Don’t worry – I’ll be sure to post all the details once they launch!


Child portraiture…


A lot of people make the mistake of thinking a portrait of a child can’t have the same editorial edge a model can have… I disagree. I think child photography should celebrate the youth of the kid in question while still having the same sophisticated lighting, editing, and staging as an adults.