Easter Photo Session Ideas

Spring is around the corner and Easter is quickly approaching. It might be over a month away, but for those that send out Easter cards – now is the time to take those photos! Whether you’re planning on sending out photos of you and your family or just of your little one(s), I’ve got some great ideas to get you started!

Cute Easter Photo Sessions Ideas for You and Your Family

A cute photo of you and your significant other can be a great keepsake for friends and family any time of year. Pick a warm(ish) day and dress like its spring!! These are “spring time” photos after all. No one wants more shots of you in your parka. Try buying one of those $5 bouquets of flowers at the grocery store. Ladies, putting one behind your ear will bring ideas of warmth. Gents, one in a blazer pocket? Do cute couple things like you see in engagement photos. Her head on his shoulder. Your silhouette against a sunny sky. Etc.


Kids: Ages 3+
Get some helium balloons in pastels, bubbles, and a basket with some plastic Easter eggs. Kids with any of these props end up making great photos. Whether your photographer stages the shot or lets your kid do some improve – your sure to get some heart melting images perfect for an Easter card.


Babies: Under age 3
Depending on the size of your little one, laying them down inside a big enough Easter basket or having them sit up in one – is ALWAYS cute. Snuggle up newborns with a bunny toy. Let toddlers throw the green “grass” from the basket into the air like confetti. Or let them eat a pastel colored cupcake. They might end up messy, but it’ll be totally worth it.


Regardless of what you end up doing, you won’t regret it. One of the number one things I hear from my clients is that they wish they had invested in more professional photography of their kids. And it doesn’t have to break the bank! Stay tuned – I’ll be running a special Easter Contest in the coming weeks!

A few things to keep in mind when taking photos for a holiday:

  • It will most likely take up to two weeks for the photographer to get the proofs to you so you can select an image for your cards.
  • Most greeting card printers take an average of 2-3 business days for processing and 5-7 business days for shipping.
  • That means about 2 ½  weeks before you would even get your cards. Then another 2-5 days for them to get to your recipients.
  • And everything I said above… does NOT include Christmas. Christmas is a whole other animal and photos should be taken at least 2 full months in advance.


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