My 3 favorite Creative Camera’s & Lenses for Unique Wedding Engagement & Newborn Photography

Creative Lens

Lensbaby Spark


Approx. Cost $90, available for both Nikon and Canon mount.

This cute little lens doesn’t work the way traditional lenses do. You push and tilt it to alter focus and achieve the somewhat fish-eye look you’re going for. It takes some getting used to – but once you figure it out, it’s the perfect thing to add some fun to your sessions.


Photograph by Boone Speed, Images from Lensbaby


Film Camera

Lomography Diana F


Approx. Cost $89

One of the most popular Medium Format film cameras on the market. You can pick it up at any Urban Outfitters store across the country pretty much. It’s a great every day camera if you like shooting film and it doesn’t break the bank. It also gives all images that wonderfully vintage vignette effect that I love so much.


Photograph by Unknown, Images from Lomography


Just for Fun

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8


Approx. Cost $65

Cute and portable, the Fujifilm Instax line has replaced the almost forgotten Polaroid. As someone who loves the convenience of digital photography but longs for when everyone printed their photos instead of just posting them on Facebook – this thing is a dream! The film can get a little expensive if you use it constantly, but if you only break it out for special occasions (like a wedding reception where you have the guests take a selfie and write the couple a note on the back!) it’s a wonderful little gizmo.


Photography by Yasumasa Yonehara, Images from Fujifilm & PhotoJoJo.